Screach allows you to both upload your own media (image and video) and choose from a selection of ready-made templates in our library. To see how to select and publish media to your venue TV/s, follow the walkthrough video or steps below:

1. Login to the My.Screach portal and go to the ‘Media’ area which is in the top navigation menu.

2. Select ‘Create New Media Item’ in the top left of the screen. A window named ‘Create new media’ will then appear; depending on where you want to choose from, either ‘Choose From a Template’ or upload your own media by choosing ‘Select a File’.

3. If you are choosing a template from our library, you can search for or use the left nav menu to find a suitable template. Once selected, you can change the media item name and for some, edit the content displayed on the template. Once you are happy, click ‘Update’.

4. If you are uploading your own media, you should navigate your files to find the media item in your documents and select ‘Open’ (Note: If uploading your own media, this must meet our requirements). This will then begin to upload; once complete a green tick will appear next to the media item’s name. You can then close the ‘Create New Media’ window.

5. The media item/s will now be in the main area of the ‘Media’ tab (Note: if you wish to schedule or edit the media item, click on the item followed by ‘Edit’). To publish them to your TV/s, drag and drop the media items from the left of your screen to the ‘My Promotions’ playlist on the right (Note: at this point, if linked you can also publish to your Facebook page).

6. Finish by selecting ‘Publish’ and confirming your screen updates – your new media will then appear on your venue TV/s.

Need additional support or having issues selecting and publishing media to venue TVs? Please email our Customer Support Team at or call us on 0345 11 33 888.