Scheduling allows you to choose when promotions appear in your marketing TV channels using a set time and date. Scheduling ensures that your venues promotions are never out of date and only show when they should, saving you time manually removing outdated promotions. To schedule promotions in your venue/s, follow the walkthrough video or steps below:

1. Login to the My.Screach portal and go to the ‘Media’ area which is in the top navigation menu.

2. Select ‘Create New Media Item’ in the top left of the screen. A window named ‘Create new media’ will then appear; depending on the promotion you want to schedule, either ‘Choose From a Template’ or upload your own media by choosing ‘Select a File’ (Note: If you are choosing from a template, you will have to press ‘Update’ on the template).

3. The media item will now be in the main area of the ‘Media’ tab. Proceed by clicking on the media item you want to schedule, followed by ‘Edit’. 

4. Here you will see a ‘Properties’ window which contains a ‘Play From’ and ‘Play To’ option. By clicking the calendar icon, you can choose the exact time and date that you wish the media item to play from/to (Note: If you leave the 'Play To' area blank the promotion will remain in your local channel indefinitely).

5. Once chosen, click ‘Update’. Your media item will then be scheduled (Note: If you attempt to add a promotion which is already scheduled, a pop-up will appear notifying you that the item is already set to enter the channel at a specific date and time).

Need additional support or having issues scheduling promotions? Please email our Customer Support Team at or call us on 0345 11 33 888.