Screach on-demand venue marketing TV channels allow you to choose from a range of custom and preset venue marketing TV channels and show them when you want in you venue/s, available on-demand channels from Screach are located in the ‘Channels’ area which can be accessed via the top navigation menu (Note: The Channels area is only visible in the portal to ‘head office’ users with high level control or venues that have Screach Complete or a Screach content provider subscription).

At the bottom of the Channels area you will see ‘On Demand’, this area contains any on-demand content you have access to (Note: Not all Screach content providers offer on demand content). All users that have the Channels area will also be able to access Screach on-demand channels including ‘My Screach Bespoke Channels’ and ‘Screach’ on-demand channels. 

The ‘My Screach Bespoke Channels’ includes any custom venue marketing TV channels that are associated with your venue/s (Note: Custom venue marketing TV channels are only available to Screach Complete customers). 

The ‘Screach’ on-demand channels include several different venue marketing TV channels that have been created by Screach for you to choose from, including:

  • Latest sports highlights
  • Latest sports highlights inc. combat sports
  • Latest sports highlights and engaging content combined
  • Latest sports highlights and engaging content combined inc. combat sports
  • Engaging non-sports content channel

Screach on-demand channels are all fully managed and updated by Screach for you and will also include your venues local promotions that have been added into the ‘My Promotions’ column in the ‘Media’ area of the portal. 

On-demand channels can be selected to play in your venue/s at any time, click here to find out how to Select an on-demand channel to play on your venue TVs.

Can’t find your Screach on-demand venue marketing TV channels in the Channels area? Please email our Customer Support Team at or call us on 0345 11 33 888.