Screach is the UK’s first live streaming platform that offers commercial premises low-cost access to live sports with flexible commercial terms. 

What’s more, Screach gets your venues future-proofed, unlocking the opportunity to distribute a wider variety of live, and on-demand sports content as broadcasters progressively move towards streaming (OTT) rather than using satellite. 

But…Screach offers more than just live sports; combined with digital venue marketing, Screach engages your customers with your very own fully managed in-venue TV channel with a wide range of Screach original content packs including sports highlights, match fixtures, Sports News and much more. 

Including access to a huge library of ready to go, fully customisable sports, event and F&B promotions that are super simple to use, upload to TVs and share to social media. 

You can even broadcast live sports in full or split screen format, maximising the impact of your venue promotions by permanently placing them beside highly engaging, live sports action which increases eyeballs on screens.

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